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What is not covered under Stoko's 1-Year Limited Warranty?Updated 3 months ago

Stokko's limited warranty and Stoko is not responsible for:

  • Damages caused by misuse, abuse, or by accident or negligence;
  • Failure to observe care instructions, including incorrect laundering;
  • Damage caused by rips, cuts, or tears;
  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Cosmetic damage (i.e., minor scratches, surface deformations, or discolouration) including natural fading of colours. 
  • Unauthorize modification or alteration including any repair done outside of Stoko Customer Service; 
  • Products purchased from unauthorized dealers (including, without limitation, products purchased through (i) third party auction sites, (ii) unauthorized dealers selling via third party marketplaces, or (iii) dealers selling altered or modified products;
  • Products that have been worn in salt water and/or underneath a wetsuit;
  • Products that have not been used in accordance with Stoko's Instructions for use (IFU);
  • Products purchased "used", "as-is", "without warranty", or,
  • Any damages arising after the warranty period.

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