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What should I expect when I first wear my K1s?Updated 5 months ago

The first thing you need to know about our products is that they are nothing like anything you've ever seen or worn before. We have created the world's first Supportive Apparel. So before you step into your new pair of K1 tights, throw away everything you think you know about how a pair of athletic tights should look, feel and function. 

Next, it is important to know that they will be difficult to put on at first. The K1s have a break-in period and during that time, it is common for them to feel a extra tight but the good news is that with time, they will regulate and begin to conform to your body. After a few wears, you should find optimal comfort.

To maximize comfort & support during the break-in period, please watch the video below or follow these steps:
  • First, makes sure the dials are engaged and tightened.
  • Pull the waistband away and out from your body to create more space for the cable.
  • Next, pull the cable channels down your legs to allow more space.
  • Tighten the dials again and repeat a few more times.

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