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Why do my K1s fit so tight?Updated 3 months ago

The K1s are meant to fit snug but they shouldn't feel uncomfortable. They should feel like a nice bear hug and putting them on should be similar to putting on a wetsuit.

Before you decide to exchange for a new size, it is important to note that there is a short break-in period with the K1s. This means it will take a bit of time before your tights begin to regulate your body. Some customers find greater tension around the waist when they first begin wearing them but with time they find they loosen. To help you find comfort during the break-in period, please follow these steps:
  • First, makes sure the dials are engaged and tightened.
  • Pull the waistband away and out from your body to create more space for the cable.
  • Next, pull the cable channels down your legs to allow more space.
  • Tighten the dials again and repeat a few more times.
The steps above should help create more space for the cable, which will allow for movement and help reduce the overall tension around your stomach.

If you attempted the above a few times and are still unable to find comfort, we would be happy to exchange your order for a larger size. Please reach out to [email protected] to initiate an exchange.

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