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From washing, to product recommendations, to specific questions about our line up, we got you covered!

What are the differences between K1 models?

All Stoko products provide the same medical-grade bracing support, leveraging our Embrace System™ technology. Here is how each K1 model compares from one another.

How do I wash my Supportive Tights?

All of our products are machine washable, making them convenient and clean for your sweaty pursuits! Simple instructions are to wash them in the washbag provided, on gentle in cold water, and hang them to dry. Do not iron, dry clean, wring, or wash t

Can Supportive Apparel products be worn in the water?

Our products were not intended for watersports. The fabric is not built to withstand salt water or the rubbing of a wetsuit. As such, we cannot recommend its use for watersports and our warranty policy will not cover damage as a result from use in wa

How does the Stoko Ski Sock work?

Experience elevated protection and comfort with strategic cushioning featured on the shin of our socks, thoughtfully designed to interface seamlessly with the integrated cabling system in our Supportive Tights. This strategic cushioning design ensure

How do I know when products will be restocked?

We are stoked to get you set up in Supportive Apparel!. Please note the following for out-of-stock products:. To keep up to date on restocks, you can sign up for our newsletter!. If you have any other questions regarding items you are seeing out of s

Is there any discomfort with the adjustment knobs (Control Dials) when sitting for extended periods?

Feedback regarding prolonged discomfort caused by the control dials on Stoko supportive tights is not common. We encourage you to take advantage of our 60-day risk-free trial to determine personal comfort levels during specific activities and discuss