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Specific Use Questions

Learn more about what our products are indented for and which injuries they will and won't support.

Will the K1s support my injury?

The K1s are intended for stabilization, support, and protection of the knee. They are indicated for:. With that said, we do have a number of customers with injuries and conditions outside of this list who find the K1s provide what they need. I sugges

Do the K1s support Osteoarthritis?

The K1 does not offer the same type of stability as an offloading or unloader brace designed for unicompartmental osteoarthritis. However, the K1 can help those with osteoarthritis by providing general stability to the knee. If you have been prescrib

Which activities are the K1s best suited for?

All Stoko Supportive Tights provide the same medical-grade bracing support, leveraging our Stoko Support System technology. It is really up to your personal preference what style would suit you the best! I have listed some of the main differences bet

Do the K1s provide hip and lower back support?

Through customer feedback, we found that the Supportive Tights provide some hip and lower back support. You can read the report here. We would recommend talking with your medical professional to see which products would be best for you and your speci