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Stoko Support System

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How does Stoko's bracing technology work?

Our Support System is made up of cables that are integrated into the tights to mimic the natural support structures of your muscles and ligaments. The result is joint support throughout your entire range of motion. We use advanced technical knitting

How are the Stoko products different from traditional/medical-grade knee braces on the market?

Similar to other traditional/medical grade knee braces, the Supportive Tight provides support and stability to the body in compromised knee positions; however, the Supportive Tight achieves these outcomes through different means. The Supportive Tight

Is there any difference in the level of support between each of your products?

No there is not. All Stoko products provide the same medical-grade bracing support, leveraging our Stoko Support System Technology. The differences in our products are mainly in design features for activities or personal preference. We have a Product