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Which activities are the K1s best suited for?Updated 8 months ago

All Stoko Supportive Tights provide the same medical-grade bracing support, leveraging our Stoko Support System technology. It is really up to your personal preference what style would suit you the best! I have listed some of the main differences between our models below:

Run & Hike: The K1 Tempo is engineered to deliver support and keep you cool while in warm environments, such as: running, hiking, & training. Tempo comes in 3/4 length and offers knitted ventilation and a side pocket. 

All-Purpose: The K1 Flux is engineered to deliver support in a variety of activities and is our most recommended product for all-around use. From everyday activity to court sports to golf, the K1 Flux can do it all while also keeping you cool with knitted ventilation.

Ski & Snow: The K1 Summit is engineered to deliver support and warmth for snow sports, such as: skiing, snowboarding, & cross-country skiing. K1 Summit is comparable to a medium base layer and comes in full length with a side pocket. The men's model has a fly for easier bathroom access.

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